Robbie speaking at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster.

Robbie grew up on the East Coast of Scotland in a small village by the River Forth. Following his childhood of attending schools on the West Coast, Robbie attended the University of Stirling where he obtained a first class honours degree in Marketing, graduating in 2013. He has subsequently worked extensively in the third-sector in Scotland and has wide-ranging experience from entry level positions to senior management team leadership roles. Currently holding two trusteeships with national charities, Robbie also possesses boardroom experience and is a skilled communicator with all levels of workforce.

Throughout his whole life, Robbie has lived with a severe visual impairment. By adopting and maintaining a positive attitude in life, he has not let this hinder his ambitions. He has, so far, sailed extensively in various locations around the world (most notably: the Bay of Biscay, to St. Kilda, around the Outer and Inner Hebrides, on the Great Lakes, and in Canada, Norway, Shetland and the Solent), became a world class musician within the traditional music scene and has travelled the world playing music to crowds of thousands. Aside from this, he is also successful professionally and has built up a reputation for being a well respected communications and branding expert.

By adopting the ‘no limits’ philosophy in life, Robbie is a firm believer that it isn’t his sight that disables him – it’s peoples’ perceptions of visual impairment. If you would like to contact Robbie, please click here to be taken to the contact page.

A picture of Robbie on board a sail training yacht.